Roll For Keychain


From the new TikTok Series Roll For Keychain (first episode airs 3/10/23)

With the purchase of this item, we will roll for your keychain style, how many colors, which colors, which eye color, how many bonuses and what bonus item(s) (not pictured) your keychain will have

The style options are: Cords (if this item is rolled, you lose the bonus, and instead of the eye color, we roll a d6 for number of cords), Mini Ghostie, Cat Head, Mini Whale, Mini Octopus with eyes up, Mini Octopus with eyes down, Mini Jellyfish, or a Mini Dino (though this could be a dragon with some of our bonuses).

Your keychain will be named based on how it turns out. And you will receive a certificate with their name, and full information, including a QR code that links to the video with the rolls. Videos will also be cross-posted to our YouTube (though these may be slightly delayed), and those links will be provided to you as well.

If you send an email with your order number and TikTok handle, I will tag you in the post when it goes live.

Keychains vary in length between 2.25 inches and 6 inches, and diameter between 0.25 inches and 3.25 inches

Not for children under 3

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All items are handmade, therefore there may be some color variances between the images and received item because no 2 will be exactly the same.

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