Mini Whale


All items are handmade, therefore there may be some color variances between the images and received item because no 2 will be exactly the same.

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Plush Whale in a color of your choice with a white belly (Image shown is in cornflower blue with black safety eyes and with the optional keychain clip)

Eyes will always be safety eyes, will determine black or white based on what looks best with color choice, if you have a preference between the 2 please send an email.

Total length is approximately 2.25 Inches and diameter (height) at widest point is approximately 1.75 inches.

Not for children under 3


Additional information

Weight 0.028 kg
Primary Color

Black, Black with gold sparkle, Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Light Grey, Silver, White, Cream, Bronze, Orchid, Purple, Navy, True Blue, Bright Blue, Cornflower Blue, Teal, Dark Green, Green, Green with Sparkle, Lime, Gold, Yellow, Peach, Orange, Pink, Red, Burgandy, Baby Pink, Baby Yellow, Baby Green, Pink Swirl, Papaya, Blacklight, Monet, Americana, Blue Teal Swirl, Blue Black Swirl, Rainbow swirl

Optional Keychain Clip

With keychain clip, Without keychain clip


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