Circle Earrings



Colors available are:

Black|Black with gold sparkle|Dark Grey|Medium Grey|Light Grey|Silver|White|Cream|Bronze|Orchid|Purple|Navy|True Blue|Bright Blue|Cornflower Blue|Teal|Dark Green|Green with Sparkle|Lime|Yellow|Peach|Orange|Pink|Red|Pink Swirl|Papaya|Blacklight|Monet|Americana|Blue Teal Swirl|Blue Black Swirl

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Crocheted fishhook earrings, measuring about 2 1/4 inches in length.

Pictures are colors in stock, if you’re interested in another color, just name that color in the color field.

For color not pictured in gallery, add 2 business days for processing prior to shipping.

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Black, Black with gold sparkle, Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Light Grey, Silver, White, Cream, Bronze, Orchid, Purple, Navy, True Blue, Bright Blue, Cornflower Blue, Teal, Dark Green, Green with Sparkle, Lime, Yellow, Peach, Orange, Pink, Red, Pink Swirl, Papaya, Blacklight, Monet, Americana, Blue Teal Swirl, Blue Black Swirl


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